Sell With Us Disclaimer

The base commissions taken from sellers is a rate of 6%. sellers who choose to opt in to additional advertising/marketing by taking advantage of "featured" sections for sales/services will have higher commission rates. A "featured section may or may not be available based on zip code/area code/city/state, in which case if the seller chooses to take advantage of a 11% commissionable fee will be taken. There will also be a "featured" section on the homepage if the seller chooses to use there will be a 21% commissionable fee taken.

The featured section on the homepage is only eligible for product sales. Service sales will not be eligible on the home page “featured” section, as all buyers are not able to take advantage of services.

Shipping costs and handling are not at the expense of Abe's vision. They will be paid at the cost of the buyer/seller dependent on the seller's choice as the seller will be responsible for the shipping & delivery of all products.

Abe's Vision is not liable for any seller/buyer discrepancies. By selling with Abe's vision, all sellers agree to terms of service & attest that they are sole proprietors or LLC owners (insert all types of legal businesses here) and are responsible for providing exceptional customer service to Abe's Vision guidelines.

All items/services of the seller to be submitted separately. Items will go under review and be posted at the discretion of Connect with Christiana LLC/ Abe's Vision. Abe's vision has the right to refuse/decline services to any item/business/persons with no explanation required.

Item Review Requirements:

  • 3 Professional Photos of Item With White Background
  • Name of Persons Posting
  • Name of Business
  • Product City State Zip Representing (Rep Your City)
  • Product Business Location (Shop Local)
  • 3 customer reviews of product
  • How Will Shipping Occur (Drop-Ship, Replenishment Timeline, Handcrafted)
  • Seller Availability if Selling a Service if Providing a Service, Seller Must Put Services on “Hold” if Unavailable To Complete Services and Issue Refund to Buyer.

Any/all custom pieces are “final sale” in accordance to Abe's Vision and are returnable at the discretion of the seller. No seller offering services are required to provide any/all customers with custom pieces will only be provided with the agreeance of both parties- the buyer & seller.

Collaborations are available with Abe's Vision at a 50% commissionable fee for collaboration, with no advertising/marketing fee. Something related to Abe's Vision must be present in order for the item to be eligible for approval for advertising/marketing fee to be waived/ non-commissionable advertising/marketing.

Abe's vision check-out services (payment option) may take out a percentage per sale as a processing fee which will be taken at the seller's expense, not to be included at the cost of Abe's Vision percentage. Abe's Vision percentage will be taken at the total cost of the item posted prior to any processing fees, taxes, &/or shipping and handling.

I'd like it to be a flat 6% commissionable fee for all parties selling and agreeing to advertise/market their products based on Abe's vision.1% of commissions on all sales/services will go directly to Asher Abraham Perez trust, which he will receive at the age of 25 years of age. The condition of Asher Abraham Perez receiving his trust fund is strictly if the legal guardian of Asher Abraham Perez allows Christiana Renee Covington shared parental rights by the age of 5 years old.

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